We heard from; the Jamaican families that were using the boom in prices to sell up and retire in the Caribbean; the trendy students moving into the new 'happening' part of town; the incoming Columbian and Brazilian communities that were being forced out away from public transport links; the artists and squat networks that had thrived on the atmosphere for decades and the few surviving pensioners that had lived in Brixton since its artistic heyday in the 1920s.

Some responses on paper...

• Do you live in Brixton? yes no For how long?
• Do you think Brixton has changed recently? yes no
• If yes – In what way?
• Were you ever consulted about these changes? yes no
• Do you think Brixton is an expensive place to live? yes no
• If yes – In what way? (number 1 to 5 in order of cost)
rent - food - public services - shopping - going out
• Are you aware of how the 'Brixton Challenge' money was spent? yes no
• Do you think Lambeth Council encourages the interests of Developers over the needs of the community? yes no
• Do you think that the CCTV cameras and the Police Surveillance in Brixton are there for: your personal safety - to create a safe area for private investment
• Are you aware that some people are having to leave Brixton because they can no longer afford the increased cost of living? yes no
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