Over five weekends we set up a stall in the 'Arcade' that was being closed down to make way for a large supermarket chain. We handed out questionaires and recorded local views of the situation. Who was gaining from the changes and who was losing out?

This was done alongside many artistic groups under the banner of "rkd-k" also raising issues around the disappearance of the arcade

Brixton / pop / listening / debate

Lambeth council by trusting commerce and business to be the agents of change have failed the community by allowing capital to dictate the reshaping of Brixton. With council property and public spaces now being transformed into expensive apartments, developers have set in motion spiralling house prices. In turn creating a housing crisis that affects both private and public sectors, moving the cost of living beyond that of most of the local people. The loss and privatisation of social services are the consequences of an agenda dictated by market forces in which private profit is put above our community needs.

Brixton is becoming an urban area that suits the new establishment, a postcard-style 'Benetton' society in which citizen participation is nothing more than mere fiction sold under the slogan 'the united colours of Brixton'. The transformation of Brixton into a chic inner-city area where the 'night time economy' is the visible evidence of the transformation of urban space for a privileged social group at the expense of the poorer and marginal inhabitants. This process will be ongoing unless critical voices of this community develop new strategies to intervene and change it. We are looking to create autonomous meeting spaces, contact local groups and individuals who are working to challenge gentrification in Brixton.

Contact syndicate at: syndicate@syndicate.org.uk - Po Box 587. London. SW2 4HA. UK
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