Beyond Media: issue 2 (1997) With designs by: Ryan McGinness (NY),Grrr (Barcelona), Cactus (Munchen) Stamp (St Etienne), WD+RU, Karen Eliot, Graphic Thought Facility, Luther Blissett, Paul Anderson (London) Utopia (Paris), Marion Burbulla (Berlin).
With writing from: Teal Triggs and Cees Hamelink.

"People have the right to freedom of expression, opinions, information and ideas without interference by public or private parties. For people to exercise this fundamental right there should be free and independent channels of communication. This means that media should be independent from government, political or economic control. Free meadia are pluralistic, monopolies of any kind are unacceptable and the current trend towards dominant commercial provisions of infomation and culture should be actively questioned and resisted." - Cees Hamelink

Issue two was printed with support from Portsmouth University, as part of the research programme.
With thanks to Simon Clarke, Michelle-Anne Dauppe and Ian Noble.

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