Issue 1 (1995) Showcases contemporary work from Cyan (Berlin), Cloaca Maxima (Gent), Tat & Whimsey, Melisa Price, Cactus (London), Co-op design (Mainz),
Coloured hard (New York), Ian Noble (Portsmouth) and Cactus (Munchen).
With writing from Michele-Anne Dauppe and Teal Triggs.


The first in a series of poster sets. This issue set out to encourage further debate within graphic design about communication and society. Aimed largely at a young student audience, where there was a need for these discussions, the magazine took the form of posters in the hope that they would widen the audience and encourage debate. As a brief, the international designers were asked to collaborate with writers or create their own text. The posters were limited to 2 colours each.

Alot of effort in the design and co-ordination stage went to ensure the designers worked together to make the magazine work as a whole. Roughs were sent out at various stages to each participant, to discourage simularities in subject and colours. Distribution was slow due to the unusual A3 format, but we managed to sell enough to put out the next issue. Sample posters below:

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